Danish esports organization ECSTATIC has announced the addition of former Tricked rifleman Magnus “Nodios” Olsen to its CS:GO roster. The 23-year-old Danish rifleman will replace Casper “Cabbi” Jensen, who was suspended after playing under the ECSTATIC banner for just seven months.

The decision to bring in Nodios comes after ECSTATIC failed to qualify for the RMR, prompting the organization to make a change in the roster. In a statement released on TwitLonger, Cabbi acknowledged the decision and expressed his gratitude towards his now former team.

“I understand that after we didn’t qualify at RMR, a change was needed, and that choice fell to me, which I think is fair,” Cubby wrote. “I don’t think my time at ECSTATIC was my greatest individual time, but it’s something I’ve always worked at and will never stop doing.”

Despite the lineup changes, Cubby remains under contract with ECSTATIC and has been allowed to play with other teams for tryouts. He remains open to both Danish and international teams and encourages interested organizations to contact him or the ECSTATIC Twitter account.